Why, Why Body Shame?

Ho, look at you so fat. Do you even eat? You're so thin. Don't stand under the scorching sun; would you like to get dark even more? This fairness cream will help try it out. So tall for a girl or too short for a boy. You must have come across such heart-wrenching dialogues. Maybe you hear it inside and outside your head, even now.

In my very first blog, on my very own site, I wanted to write something personal. And I couldn't think of anything else other than Body-shaming. Because, whenever I think of my childhood, body shaming plays an influential role.

I always try to switch channels when there is a body shaming scene. To make sure people don't take that as an opportunity to hurt me again. In their dictionary, these are "CASUAL WORDS." But the ones who take it for years know what impact those words made.

Inferiority complex, avoiding people, lacking confidence, preferring not to speak up, and what not? Pushing one to hate their own body; is what your "CASUAL WORDS" does to people.

There comes a dialogue "I care, that's the only reason I'm telling you this." If you ever care, what was the need to make me feel inferior about my outer structure? Leave me be.

You, Others, and I can rant; Love your body, You are enough, You are perfect just the way you're. But ever imagined what strength it took, how many silent tears shed, how many self-demons fought for those words to come?

Only if those so-called "I Care" people kept their opinion and hugged their over-flowing care to themselves. None of this effort to love your own body would have happened.

No one is equal- this suits every body type. You are thin, have a moderate size figure or hourglass figure? Good for you. Just because you love your body or feel you have the best skin tone doesn't give you any right to body shame another.

Only if the importance of color, shape, size is given to one's character, behavior, manners, and well-being. The kid in you wouldn't have to go through such cruel trauma.

Next time you body shame, anyone, remember you deserve a tight slap on your face.