Why does their opinion matter?

I, You, Them, Everyone has their opinion. What matters is how you take it; How do you let other's opinions affect your day. Does their opinion even matter?

If you're wondering or even pissed off, why do they say it? Why is it they are more worried about what you do, how you do it? Then here are a few tips that might help. (This article addresses opinions showered when not asked for)

(P.S. I'm not sticking to one way of handling other's opinions. Based on my mood and the person, I manage it my way.)

All I can say is, Don't care.

First things first, why do you even care? Nobody can keep their mouth shut all the time like introverts do (Sorry if this is offending, I respect you). They rant their opinion, hear if you want, and throw those opinions to their foot. Let them take it as they walk.

If you're so sure about what you want to do, why does their opinion even matter?

Heard about "Communication?"

Though you're not sure of what you want to do and their opinion is chewing your mind. Just ask those speakers to stop. Let them shower all their so-called "View-point" where it's needed or requested.

It's you! Who decides what you want, what you would like to do. Always remember the decision is yours.

Let's keep it a one-way street.

If you're so naive and don't want to shut them down, it's better to hear their opinion as you hear a song from an unknown language without knowing its meaning. Hear and forget it the very next second.

Their opinion is just words. It's not like terms and conditions, where they talk, and finally, you say I agree.

Final thoughts

Don't care, ask them to stop, or don't listen but hear. Do what works best for you, and don't let other's opinions take over.

Also, ask this question to yourself. Is it other's opinions influencing your decisions and spoiling your day? Or, you are not sure what to do, and their opinion is the blame factor now?

None knows you better than you do.