The Minimalist Skincare Routine For All

Disclaimer; This post will help you take better care of your skin, not help in any way to increase your skin tone. Not gender-specific, everyone has skin and the skin needs attention.

Just like you make sure your eyesight is proper, give rest to your twisted ankle, visit a doctor when you are sick, caring for your skin is an absolute necessity. Let's directly dive into the skincare tips now.


Sunscreen is a lifesaver. Applying sunscreen will help your skin from being exposed to UV rays. Break the myth that you should wear sunscreen only when you head out. Sunscreen is a must even when you stay indoors. Your skin is exposed to UV rays even when you are indoors, via phone and laptop.

It's hardly possible for us to avoid online classes, work, Instagram, Facebook, movies, or games, but you can still protect your skin as you enjoy them.

Buy a sunscreen that has 25 or more SPF. Sunscreen with 50 SPF is a game-changer to your skincare routine.

Drink water

The constant dialogue you must have heard, DRINK WATER, but it's true. When you start drinking water like 3 liters a day, you will urinate more than you think you can produce. But I swear it's worth it.

The more water you drink, the more toxins from your body are flushed out. Also, the fresh look on your face; can be achieved only if you're hydrated. Go, drink your water now!

Don't touch your face often!

If you feel like, "What are you trying to convey?" Please hang on. It is the most underrated skincare tip you must have heard.

When I say, don't touch your face often; it also includes don't disturb the new member or long-time relative "PIMPLE" on your face. Also, your hands aren't 99.99% away from germs or dirt. Dirty Hand, Dirty Face.

Okay, is that all? Just this will help? Of course no. It's a heads-up to your skincare routine. And these steps are something you may have to follow every day for healthy skin.

It's Not An Overnight Process.