Life & Learning!

Right from your initial days, you are told "do this, you'll learn something," or to be precise the first half of your life is itself filled only with one part, "LEARNING." Which is good; you get to know your basics (eating, bathing, talking, walking), and many more once you enter school, high school, college, and so.

The irony in your LEARNING phase, you don't get to decide what to learn or whom you learn from. You can call it pre-programmed or destined or no way out, whichever suits in here.

It is often perceived, you're ready to win the world with whatever you've learned to date. Actually, you don't hit the world and win but hit the reality this time. Reality means to realize what you've learned to date is right or wrong. The beliefs you hold to date were imposed or self-made.

Society, family, or your surroundings have shaped you in a way they've imagined or wanted it to be. (highlighting this statement because the state of mind to mold children their way persists and is never questioned.)

You trust, believe, and live half your life thinking it's right, or this is how it is. When you explore, know a lot of things, understand others' perspectives, and then one day, life hits hard - "PROVING YOU WRONG."

You do something based on what you've learned, but realizing it's wrong or you don't want to follow such a lifestyle or have such beliefs in life and deciding to move on is difficult. Painful actually. And coming to my actual point of this article, "Learning isn't difficult baby; unlearning is."

Well, during this process of realizing, accepting, and unlearning: Are you supported, encouraged, or at least left undisturbed? A big no. Many eyebrows rise to see you do something different or deny to follow the said rules. Slowly you're questioned or even shamed at times for doing so.

Many might have wanted to unlearn, but then their surroundings scare them to take a step ahead. Leaving them nowhere: but to repeat the same thing which they don't like or believe. Whereas a few are abandoned or labeled "BAD" for making such decisions.

Unlearning itself is too much to take. Just to accept the fact, what you've been taught or made to believe all those years is taunting. While getting past the phase of denial and acceptance, deciding to let go and bringing the change into your life takes a lot of effort than anyone can imagine.

Learning (at least for the first part of your life) isn't in your control. But when you think you need to unlearn something, go ahead and do it. So what if it's wrong? Learn from it. At least now you learn out of your decisions. It's the most satisfying feeling in the world.

The step you're afraid of taking, might be the one.