It's too much to take

Been there/ experiencing it/ Oh no, this phase sucked. To everyone who takes a deep breath just reading the topic, this sucks, isn't it? Just the thought of handling everything makes me want to puke. Goddammit, why is this adult life this hard? It's really too much to take.

I came across a video that said, "Just like your PC slows down when too many tabs are open, your mind tends to slow down when you try to handle everything at a time." How accurately said.

It's true, and many of us try to ignore it, though we subconsciously know handling too many things at a time will take a toll on us. Why do we behave that way?

Is it "I can handle it, I'm an adult now" Ego, or "I need to improve myself, so handling everything and taking all the burden is the only way" Attitude?

I guess it's a bit of both and a pinch of desperateness. Not knowing when and where to end or how to take things. No matter how many times we have experienced, we still end up in a zone that leaves us desperate and pushing us to the endless loop of doing the same things again and again.

Is there a way we can come out of this endless loop of burning out and regretting later? Honestly, I don't know. For now, I guess there is no way out of it but only to take it slow whenever possible, fight it at times, and end up accepting that's how it is and keep living the life.

Taking all the pressure hit my favorite part, "Writing." And I couldn't think or write a single word for the past few weeks. Just the thought of not doing anything or being stuck makes me feel guilty.

The desperateness had a positive effect after weeks, and you're now reading it :). Though I'm still in the endless loop, I'm trying to handle it and take it slow. Now my daily morning mantra is "One day at a time."

To the one reading this, May you find solace in your chaos.

Remember, One Day At A Time.

(Maybe I'll read this whenever my stupid mind pushes me into handling everything at a time to make me look "Macho," but refusing the fact, later it will shout at me saying "You Fool." )