I'm not happy

"I'm not happy," well, who is? It's all about finding moments to be happy.

What are you not happy about? Are you planning to stay happy every second of your life? Never knowing what setbacks are? What sadness means, what anger means, nothing?

Is it really worth it having only one feeling all your life, without having to experience it all? I wouldn't say you would see back at your life with such satisfaction if you have encountered only one feeling all the way and never experienced others.

Why are you chanting, "I'm not happy?" because your friend is in a committed relationship? Your friend got a job that you've dreamt of? They started a business while you're still in a 9 to 6 work? What are you not happy about?

Ask yourself this question:

1) Your friend made so many attempts to impress the love of their life to make you feel sad?

(You should be proud that your advice, effort to make them look macho in the texts succeeded)

2) They prepared resumes, developed their skills, approached many, prepared for their interviews, gave their best to get the job, to make you feel numb?

(You must laugh in here, dude how did you even make it? Is the HR your friend?)

You think they do so much just for you to say, "I'm not happy?" Everyone is busy figuring out their life, spending so much time to make you feel sad is not on their calendar.

If you're not genuinely happy for your close one's success, who else will be when you're actually happy one day in your life?

Well, it's known that their success is a reminder that you aren't there yet. But what makes you think the primary motto was to make you feel low? You are their friend, confidant; who else will they approach if not for you?

"I'm not happy," They are giving you a reason to be; why not take it?

Be the one who is truly happy for fellow human's success.