I'm no independent

The term "Independent" has been revolving around us for quite a time now. Ever since I started earning, the title "Independent" meant so much to me that I couldn't think otherwise.

There was an obsession, and still, there is, that makes me utter the word "I'm independent," "I will be independent," as an annoying recorder to my fellow beings.

As grocery application provides an "Add-on" option during the time of checkout when the term "Independent" arrives in one's cart, "I don't need anyone's help" adds on. I have said this multiple times also witnessed a few saying it.

If I take a minute and realize that only earning (i.e.,) having a career and making money is independence, it's a big no. I make money, you make money, but take a pause and think, is the money you earn running your whole world? Without the support of your family or friends? It's again a big NO to most of us.

Some give their share to run their household, some want their family member or friend to help out at times, or few who can afford everything in terms of money still need a human their side to enjoy or spend it with.

Financial independence is necessary, of course, at least to pay the bills you're entitled to. It's time I should start rephrasing the term "Independence" to "Financial Independence." Even if I rephrase and start earning double the times I make now, the concept of being "Independent" is an illusion to me.

I will need my family and friends to laugh, cry, listen, and support me. I will not be happy or at peace if I find them in trouble or a terrible state. My independence is entirely dependent on them.

I concluded that the title "Independence" I have been obsessing over the years is dependent on the people I need the most in my life and not the money I have been stressing about.

Are You Independent?