Ever supported a Woman?

This question is to the woman reading this article. Ever supported a woman? Helped in any way you could, Ever?

How many times did you blame men for being mean or stopping you from doing things? Why haven't we thought the other way around? To be precise, why do we refuse to see what's in front of us and look for something far from us?

Women stop women

Women support women, duh! Ho common, let's talk reality. If we remember correctly, most of the rules or so-called restrictions are put forward by the fellow women themselves (regardless of the age group).

I have been following this all these years; you should be doing the same. Why do you even question? Stay silent. A girl's life is supposed to be this way, so please follow.

Most of the annoying and unacceptable advice or rules are from "us."

Rare to hear

"I was silent; you don't have to face it," "I didn't get the chance to pursue what I love; you must take this step."

These words are almost a sin to most of us. We, women, how many times we encouraged fellow women to do things as they wish. How many times did we support their dreams?

Ever said a comforting word to make them feel better for the choices they make? Or is it our words making them feel guilty for the choice made?

Make a choice; get down the guilt road!

Be it choosing career over family, family over career, children over career, or anything. Whatsoever it is, we didn't try helping them with their decisions. When we don't, why blame "all men."

It's all about encouraging fellow women than expecting men to come to lift us. Or blaming all men for "us" not doing or supporting something we like. (P.S. Those "men" you blame have enough list to tick for the social pressure.)

Need equality? Be the equality.