Effort matters and nothing else does.

We live in an era of complaining about others and comparing with others without taking zero effort for oneself. We complain and comment with no idea of what they've been through to be in the position.

We find reasons and words like Lucky, born with a silver spoon, to point their success. What effort did you take to know their efforts to be in the place you envy?

Do you want a whooping six-digit salary within a year of experience? Or as soon as you step into your career life? Expect it in the parallel world, not in the real world.

You need to work your ass off to get something. In case you need more, you need to put in more effort to make things work.

My love life should be a fairytale. Then you can live only in the books. It's all about Butterflies, "shining in the setting sun like a pearl upon the ocean," yea yea all that is good in your dream and movies. In real life???

Or do you have a Personal Assistant? to play all those songs as you fall in love? I guess the eye will turn towards the efforts than the person making another do it.

Let's talk reality here, Efforts, it's all your efforts that matter. It's the only way you can get something you want. You expect the same salary of a person who has experience half your age or a relationship like a person who did everything to make their so-called "couple goals" relationship work? They did put in efforts to be in a place where they want.

How about you? (I'm asking other than the effort you took to complain and compare.)

So before you envy or compare yourself to the ones who actually put in the effort. Think. Also, if possible, realize only efforts matter, and nothing else does.

Nothing will start working as you wish, unless and untill you start working for it.