3 reasons why you want to "Fit-in"

What's "Fit-in"? The urge to "be called good girl/boy like them," "dress like them," "talk like them," "look like them," "get the same love like them" are the two words "Fit-in" holds. To be precise, being like others when you don't want to be.

You do it because you're told:

"Look at him, try to be like him," "how polite she talks, talk like her." You clearly know that is not how you would like to be. Still, you do it because their way of living is more convincing in the eye of society.

You want the same appreciation they receive:

You desperately need the amount of love showered to the person who fit-in to other's code. The appreciation, Oh God! You are nothing when they are the center of the universe. You want that attention.

You are tired of the same dialogues every day:

When you do something breaking the so-called "fit-in" code, there comes tons of the same advice you are tired of listening to all your years. All you want is to stop the recorder, so you do it.

Okay, so what now? What's wrong with being like "Them"? Honey, there is nothing wrong with being like "Them" if it's your decision. Fit-in is for one's who is forced, given no option but to follow, even when they don't want to do it.

You are inspired by a person's

  • victory

  • fashion sense

  • the way they behave or talk

as long as the decision is yours, it's acceptable. The surprise element here is fit-in code differs from family to family, person to person. When you start doing it for one, you will keep doing it all your life.

Do what you want. Why wait their approval?